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Lyaim's 1st Birthday

When his mother contacted me to take Lyaim's pictures, I was excited. He's adorable and such a happy little boy. She didn't really have a theme in mind but wanted something to do with a baseball. I told her let's take him to the ball field, she loved the idea.

We first started off at a park and just took a few pictures of him. He was smiling the entire time. His brother Zianni came and we took a few pictures with him as well. He wasn't dressed and prepared to take any pictures but I love to get the family involved and in the pictures as well. I am so glad we did. They are the sweetest brotherly pictures I have taking.

After taking a few simple pictures at the park, we were hoping the baseball field was open. We headed there, changed his outfit and set up everything. He wasn't sure about the cake. Some kids like it and some just don't. I was thinking for sure he was going to go to town and eat it....

But he didn't.

Instead he loved taking out the coke bottle and playing with them.

The evening was perfect. The weather held up for us. Every day in the summer, it seems to rain. So I am so happy, it didn't for them.

The baseball fields were empty. It was so perfect!

While I was photographing Lyaim, my daughter who is 8 was keeping his older brother occupied playing in the grass. She wanted to come see Zianni and this family, so she came with me to their session. See last year, I did a "most deserving family" post and they were one of the winners. Ever since then, this family has become so close to our family. We really have a special place in our hearts for them. Brianna and Zianni were running around laughing. At the end of Lyaim's 1st birthday pictures, I asked Brianna and Zianni to come take a picture together. Ziannai started hugging on Brianna. These were the just the sweetest pictures.

Happy Birthday Lyaim. You are a blessed little boy with a family that has a heart of gold. Keep smiling!

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